iMoveForward is a simple technique that combines your body’s soul and spirit with the eight phases of the Moon and the Infinite symbol for the universe. iMoveForward is a non-verbal technique that doesn’t require you to remember memories of the past as you use it. You only need to focus on the present and set targets for your future.

iMoveForward is the latest energy balancing technique that you can use by balancing each card daily or before you go to sleep. You can hold your cards wherever you go, you can simply place them in your bag. This way you can balance on the go whether you are feeling the rush of joyful excitement or concerning emotions you need to contain your balance so that you can proceed with your daily routine.

iMoveForward is not acknowledged to be a healing therapy or treatment. But, rather as a transformation that comes from within you. It is not the technique, nor the Practioner that will deliver you the results but only the life force within you that can create this positive transformation.